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Rise & Recliner Chairs

We offer an extensive range of Rise and Recliner Chairs at Westminster Recliners. All of our furniture is British made by hand to the highest standards. Some of our range of recliner chairs includes:

Mayfair recliner chairs

Kensington recliner chairs

Stamford recliner chairs

Berkley recliner chairs

Queen Anne recliner chairs

Prince Albert recliner chairs


The chair is an essential part of the home; whilst sitting in a chair we can eat in comfort, be entertained by books, music and television, enjoy a visit from family and friends or simply relax. Anyone with mobility issues will know that some chairs are not very good for sitting down in or getting up from, and this is where a Westminster Recliners rise and recliner chair can make a big difference in your life.

We understand that chairs are an everyday essential and that people with mobility problems need a chair which is manufactured to support your body through every movement, from sitting down to standing up and everything in between.

Westminster Recliners' rise and recliner chairs can do exactly this without sacrificing style or quality. All of our furniture, including our range of adjustable beds, is made to suit the individual requirements of our customers and is hand made to the highest standards from raw materials of an excellent quality.

Every need and taste is different, which is why we offer a number of different chair designs, whatever it is that you are looking for. As well as offering different styles of armchair, we can create sofas, install manual or electric operating systems, add polished wooden arms and provide a wide range of different materials, from antibacterial waterproofs to luxurious leather.

Westminster Recliners can help make your essential home chair a truly exceptional experience in support, comfort and style. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information on our range of rise and recliner chairs.